HispaniCom: Reaching and Influencing the Hispanic Market Harnessing the Power of Telecom

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710 E San Ysidro Blvd.
Suite 529
San Ysidro Ca. 92173
Phone: 1 (760) 208-2411

Heraclio Bernal #1 - 15
Fracc. Soler. Tijuana, BC 22105
Phone: +52 (664)403-1684


Creating Innovative Programs to Reach
the Hispanic Consumer

The HispaniCom™ team uses their extensive experience in the telecom and media markets to create breakthrough programs to revolutionize both that industry and yours. They have pioneered breakthrough concepts for launching a range of consumer telephony services to the US Hispanic and Mexican markets, combining their unique understanding of the consumer market with innovative technological and distribution solutions. Globe and Phone wrapped in digital ones and zeros

Team principals have experience in both the mass market of broadcast media, and the more pinpointed media that cable and satellite TV delivers. The team then honed that market insight to create one-on-one video-calling services, to unite Hispanic families divided by time, money and borders. While building CBS's US Hispanic and Latin American distribution network and marketing partnerships, team members have forged strategic alliances with leading media groups and powerful television and political personalities that can benefit you today. They will use that expertise to harness the power of leading edge telecom and mass media programs to promote your business as you never imagined possible.

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