HispaniCom: Reaching and Influencing the Hispanic Market Unique Strategies Drive Success

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Out-of-the-Box Thinking with
Strong Strategic Foundation

HispaniCom™ applies unique strategies to reach the target market, whether in your own back yard or thousands of miles away on a different continent. Our programs encompass the creation of the mission, development of innovative strategies, recruitment of needed resources and formation of strategic alliances, and the deployment and execution of the programs to assure results. Let HispaniCom™ quarterback your project to a successful conclusion.

To assure the success of your program, the Company follows a structured approach or game plan to address each key step in the project management process:

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  1. Understand and evaluate the worthiness of the project and determine the assistance required based on the benefit it will bring to the targeted market.
  2. Select, define and dimension the target market segment(s) to be addressed, accessing the best market information/data available.
  3. Study and understand the perceived needs, desires, motivation, trends, uses, attitudes and expectations of the target market towards the products, services, information, legislations or political candidates to be marketed, through available market data, surveys, focus groups, etc.
  4. Strengthen and improve the product, service or political proposition by incorporating as many key variables as possible that will respond to the targeted market's perceived needs, desires, motivations, trends, uses, attitudes and expectations.
  5. Define and select the best communication strategy to effectively and efficiently reach and enhance perception of the target market to modify conduct to generate the desired action.
  6. Manage and closely monitor a brief message and communication media test to evaluate the market response and fine tune strategy prior to launch.
  7. Manage and closely monitor the project from initial launch through campaign completion, evaluating and reporting periodic and end results.
Hands-On Project Management picture with four hands By following each step in the hands-on project management process, the Company takes responsibility for the successful completion of the program, assuring you the favorable results you are seeking. small photo of on-site supervision of Venezuelan camp
On-site supervision of Venezuelan Presidential campaign activities