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Political Campaign Leader

Maria Eugenia is an experienced political communicator and organizer, and has played key roles in Venezuelan politics during the last 10 years. Currently she is the State of Baraboo's Political Liaison Secretary to the Venezuelan National Assembly or VNA (Congress). Maria Eugenia was Foreign Policy Advisor to the Second Vice Presidency of the VNA. She was appointed National Political Coordinator for Proyecto Venezuela, one of the country's strongest opposition political parties. She has served as Congresswoman in the Venezuelan National Congress.

Maria Eugenia Hands 

Maria has been Chief Analyst of Latin American Economic Policies for the US Sunbelt Caucus (US Congress), and Convention Coordinator for key mayoral conferences for PDVSA (Venezuela's government owned oil company) and FUNEDA (Foundation for Studies in Administrate Law). She has worked as Legal Advisor for the Ministry of Foreign Relations, and is currently a Professor at the Naval War College for the Venezuelan Army (Escuela Superior de Guerra Naval de la Armada Venezolana). She has played a leading role in 2 major election campaigns as Media Coordinator for Proyecto Venezuela's national, regional and state candidates, and Campaign Manager for Proyecto Venezuela's mayoral candidates and personal assistant to Henrique Salas Römer in his 1998 Presidential campaign.

But Maria Eugenia's expertise is not limited to Venezuela, as she has participated in major political events as a guest of the US government. She was hosted as special guest at the US Department of State International Visitors Program in 2002, the 2000 Democratic Convention, the 2000 Electoral Political Forum, and the 1999 National Democratic Institute for International Affairs Leadership Program, among others. Maria Eugenia has planned several training program for candidates and elected officials in Venezuela, such as the 2002 School for County Council Members, the 2000 School for Representatives, the 2000 School for Candidates, and the 2000 School for Mayors.

Maria Eugenia holds a BA in Political Science from Universidad Rafael Urdaneta, a Law degree from the Universidad del Zulia, and a Masters Degree in International Relations from the Instituto Pedro Gual, the Political Science Institute at the Venezuelan Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Maria Eugenia in Paris addressing UNESCO in 1996
Maria Eugenia in Paris addressing UNESCO in 1996
Maria Eugenia in Hiroshima Japan as guest of government
Maria Eugenia in Hiroshima Japan as guest of government
International Visitor Program of the Dept. of State
Proyecto Venezuela