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38 Million Consumers At Your Reach

The US Hispanic market is large, rapidly growing, financially powerful...and waiting to be effectively reached by you.

The stunning growth of Hispanics in the US...up 58% in just 10 years... was the big news of the 2000 Census. Today, more than 38 million Hispanics reside in the US...more than the entire population of Canada. This makes the US the 4th largest Hispanic market in the world. Today, one of every 8 Americans is Hispanic...and it will grow to 1 in 5 by 2020. Now 13% of all Americans are Hispanic, bypassing African-Americans to become the largest minority group.

Hispanic family watching television
Hispanic family

But understanding the market means digging far deeper than just the numbers. Hispanics are younger than non-Hispanics...with the median age of 28 vs. 37 for non-Hispanics. They have larger households...on average 3.4 persons versus 2.6 for non-Hispanics. And they are almost twice as likely to have children in the home...57% vs. 34%.

Seventy percent of all US Hispanics were born outside of the country, and the vast majority still prefer to communicate in Spanish, regardless of age, education or income.

US Map showing states with various concentrations of Hispanics
States with more than
1 million Hispanics

Hispanics are clustered by country of origin, and are heavily concentrated in the southwest...California and Texas alone account for half of all Hispanics, and 69% of all Mexican-Americans. In fact, Two thirds of all US Hispanics come from just one country...Mexico

In 2000, Hispanics had mean household income of $43,570, which had more than doubled in 20 years. Hispanic disposable income is projected to more than double again from $443 Billion in 2000 to $939 Billion in 2010...in just 10 years! In fact, Hispanic purchasing power is growing 4 times faster than the population growth.

The Hispanic market is unified by many common threads including language and religion, yet different in many ways...country of origin, national history, racial makeup, ethnic origin, political systems, educational level, and much more. Let the Hispanic marketing experts at HispaniCom™ guide you to success with this large and growing market.

Graph showing growth of Hispanic population in US