HispaniCom: Reaching and Influencing the Hispanic Market Impacting the Political Process

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Generating Action to Change Your World

A key focus of HispaniCom™ is to help deliver outstanding and responsible political leadership to Hispanics of the Americas, whose basic rights and opportunities have long been neglected due to manipulative and corrupt leadership in Latin America or uninterested US politicians.

HispaniCom™ focuses on assisting responsible political organizations and electoral candidates in 1) Understanding their Hispanic constituents' needs and desires to match them as closely as possible with their political platform; 2) Packaging and communicating the candidate's attributes and political proposals so that they may be clearly understood by the Hispanic community, and 3) Motivating citizens to register and vote for the candidate or political platform that best represents their interests.

John Highland and Gladys Lange with Venezuelan Governor and Presidential Candidate Dr. Enrique Salas Römer
John Highland and Gladys Lange with Venezuelan Governor and Presidential Candidate
Dr. Enrique Salas Römer

The skilled and knowledgeable members of the team have many decades of experience in positively impacting elections and political reform in the Americas. Team principals have exercised key roles in dozens of political campaigns, most notably:

  • Latin American lobbying for US President Reagan's first term election
  • Successful campaign of President Salinas de Gortari in Mexico
  • Successful gubernatorial campaign for Guillermo Cosío Vidaurri in Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Two successful congressional campaigns for Gladys Lange in Venezuela
  • Successful congressional campaign for Maria Eugenia Hands in Venezuela
  • Henrique Salas Römer's close presidential race against Hugo Chaves in Venezuela
  • Successful campaign for Henrique Salas Feo for Governor of Carabobo, Venezuela
  • Head of National Committee for Proyecto Venezuela to ensure the party's election of Mayoral candidates
Let the Team's skill, expertise and contacts throughout the hemisphere advance your party's message to the voters who deserve your leadership. Gladys Lange on Venezuelan Campaign Trail
Gladys Lange on Venezuelan Campaign Trail