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Borderless Communication Drives Change

Hispanics around the world have traditionally shared many of the same values based on culture, common history, religion and language. But today's explosion of technologically-driven media access provides a unifying force unthinkable in just the recent past. The proliferation of satellite television broadcasts and cable programming has brought the latest world events to even the most remote towns and villages throughout the hemisphere. At the same time, the explosion of Internet access has eradicated governments' hope of censorship or control of media. And the unifying power of the Spanish language, shared by more than 300 million residents of the region, provides communication opportunities unthinkable in the past. Satellite in Earth orbit

This allows you to influence thoughts, beliefs and behaviors in and from many parts of the world. Television signals and programming originating in Miami cause political change in South America. Telemarketing programs housed in Mexico reach US consumers more efficiently than US-based organizations. Messages delivered to stay-at-home spouses in rural Mexico are transmitted to their emigrant husbands living in the United States by phone. And the social and economic impact of the US economy on the more than 35 million Hispanic immigrants in the US ripples through to hundreds of millions of family members and friends back in their country of origin.

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HispaniCom™ brings the unmatched skills to harness the power of these leading edge technologies and insightful consumer marketing programs to impact your target consumers wherever they are today...and from many different parts of the globe.

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